Prince Telecom



Founded in 1986 in New Castle, Delaware with a commitment to deliver outstanding service that consistently exceeds customer expectations, Prince Telecom LLC has grown to become one of the nation's largest fulfillment providers. With a national footprint and over 1,500 employees, Prince Telecom affords its customers a single source solution with the ability to deploy a well-equipped, professionally trained and experienced workforce capable of meeting needs anywhere in the United States. Prince Telecom offers a wide range of services that includes: residential and commercial installations, digital converter deployment, high speed modem installations, home security and automation, underground and aerial construction services and special projects such as MDU construction, drop rebuilds and audits.

At Prince Telecom we are proud of our installation technicians and operational support teams who meet our strict pre-employment and on-going safety and quality control criteria; we reward their outstanding performance with competitive pay, bonus programs, paid training, career development programs, safety certifications, paid time off and medical, dental, vision, life and 401(k).


Prince Telecom's training programs, which are facilitated by our certified technical trainers, embrace a two-tiered approach to training. The first tier of training focuses on our newly-hired technicians with a comprehensive orientation and classroom. This four to five week academic and practical application program includes ladder safety certification, driver safety certification and a blended training of classroom and eLearning. The training programs focus on safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Trainees who successfully meet Prince Telecom's strict training standards are provided company uniforms, a company vehicle, paid fuel, cable-specific tools and all safety-related equipment. Once technicians show proficiency and adherence to company practices, a second tier of training is offered for home security and advanced product installations.

Prince Telecom believes in a professional, consistent appearance and continues to update our fleet with new vehicles to project a positive image to our customers and their communities. To complement our national installation team, we have a fully staffed operations and dispatch center, along with field supervision available 24 hours a day, 7 days week.