Prince Telecom



Prince Telecom offers trained and certified linemen that work with new aerial build projects such as pole attachments, strand placement and cable placement for both fiber and coaxial cables. Aerial rebuild and maintenance services consist of fiber optic and coaxial cable overlashing as well as pole transfers. Prince also offers MDU and business services including apartment wiring, business wiring and rebuilds.


Prince Telecom installers are trained to meet strict quality control standards. Prince Telecom's installers perform both in-home and underground (drop) installations. The technician staff is fully trained in customer service, safety and the latest digital products. Prince Telecom is an industry leader in the scope of IP telephony, high speed Internet and installation projects. Prince Telecom technicians provide world class installation of analog and digital products.


Prince Telecom maintains a nation wide, highly trained and skilled telephony staff. Voice over IP (VoIP) is just the latest breakthrough in digital communications. Prince Telecom maintains a highly trained technician staff to meet the advances in the telephony market.

Underground and Aerial Drop Installations

Prince Telecom provides aerial and underground construction services for coaxial, copper and fiber optic plants. In addition to highly skilled craftsmen, Prince utilizes bucket trucks, trenchers, vibratory plows, directional boring equipment, and earth saws to construct plant to industry standards. Prince Telecom's craftsmen can provide the services that you would expect from an industry leader. Plant rebuild, retrofit, splicing, trenching, plowing, conduit placement, plant design and mapping are just a few of Prince Telecom's specialties that have earned Prince Telecom a first class reputation in the cable industry.

In-Home/Commercial Networking

Prince Telecom technicians are trained and field-tested networking professionals. Prince Telecom's networking technicians perform in a wide variety of environments--both home and commercial applications.